Smoking Meth, the beginner and expert guide to chase the white dragon


Methamphetamines is a very powerful drug that acts on the bodies nervous system giving a heightened feeling of energy to the person doing the drug. It is considered a highly addictive and life threatening drug for long term users.

The Methods of Smoking Meth

There are a number of methods to intake meth, with the most common being to smoke it, also known as chasing the white dragon. On this site our focus is preliminary around smoking meth and the methods that are used in association with it.

Different Methods to Smoke Meth

Method 1 - Smoking Meth using a pipe

Probably the most common method used throughout the world is to use a pipe to consume the drug meth. This method is common due to the easiness and simplicity of use associated with it. However, the pipe might not be available around where one lives and thus other methods may be more suitable to use. more info...

Method 2 - Smoking Meth using a light bulb

This is considered as the second easiest method after the pipe which can also be used by both, beginner and intermediate users. Because of the common house hold goods that are available in the local market, specifically speaking about the light bulb, it is simple to acquire and the closest to using as a pipe, but it is associated with a little more complexity as some preparation work is required by the user. more info...

Method 3 - Smoking Meth using aluminum

Probably not so common for beginners due to the complexity of use but might be considered for experienced users. With this method it is simple to preserve and not waste much of the drug whilst simultaneously controlling the amout being vaporized, other than the contributing factor of it being easily obtainable, might answer the reasons to why it is the preferred method of use by many experienced users. more info...

These are the most common ways to smoke meth, if you have other ways that you know off and heard to be very useful please let us know by sending us an email and if the method proves to be worthy we would gladly add it under our home page.


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